Monday, November 26, 2012

Bringing Out the Holiday Spirit with Christmas Table Decorations

It's that time of year again when the holiday season picks up leaving you running around to cook a goose, shop for presents, and set up decorations. For the Christmas holiday trees come up, lights are hung on the walls and outside, along with mistletoe and the cute little train at the bottom of your tree. But something is missing, what could it be? Ah! Looking around you notice your coffee table and kitchen table looks bare and boring. Luckily, many super stores, holiday stores, and hardware stores have Christmas table decorations to help spruce up the tables in your home.

Hardware Stores With Table Decorations

Hardware stores are one of many that carry many of your Christmas decoration needs, including Christmas table decorations that would look wonderful on any table in your home.

Many of them carry a good number electric candles that shine bright and don't overheat. It uses batteries and is much safer than regular candles, especially if you have children or pets. They have sparkles on the base and the "melted wax" also has a colorful tint to it. It was given 5 out of 5 stars. It is a bit smaller than 8 inches and only about $12 for 2.

If sparkles are not your thing is too plain or cliche, they have other designs you could pick from. Such as LED Poinsettia candle that has flowers on the wax part outlined with gold sparkles. It too is battery operated, already in gift wrapping and unscented. Also, if it is too much still, they have plain LED candles in the shape of candle sticks or tea candles.

Others now carry the holiday collections, which has a specific section in store and on its website for table top decor. Though the collections generally don't have the pretty candles, it does have more figurines, light up decorations, and small, beautiful, Christmas Trees.

The 3 piece, colorful, gift box is small and is a popular piece. It comes in red, blue, and yellow. They are easy to set up and store. Each box has glitter on it to make your table top piece shine. The metal frame is made of iron so it is strong and durable. It is about $20 for all 3 boxes.

The other decorations they have a figurines of nutcrackers and reindeer. The reindeer come in rustic colors and made of metal so they are durable as well and are under $10. The nutcrackers are made of wood and are traditional for under $15 for the smaller ones.

The small Christmas tree's are under $15 dollars and come in the form of traditional to non-traditional. The traditional tree is a "snow tree" with green limbs and snow covering it. The non-traditional are either full white and instead of branches is a metal cone. Also, they have trees made of nothing but ornaments and bows in colors of white, red and green, or something a little more retro with purples, pinks, blues, and greens.

Each store both carry the ceramic figurine towns that sometimes sings, moves, or stays still. Most figurine downs are a bit on the pricey side and are well more than $20.

Super Stores and Holiday Stores

Holiday stores vary in each area. Some towns don't even have a holiday store. However, if you are unsure or would like to shop online at a few there are a good number that will carry Christmas table decorations.

Most of these stores will have the LED candles, real candles, pretty candle holders, nut crackers, the metallic and stuffed reindeer and other holiday characters as well as the small Christmas trees.

Super stores will also be carrying the decorations mentioned above. However, you also will be able to get other decor items such as a plate and cup designated for Santa. You can also pick up holiday oil warmers that can sit on your table and warm holiday oils like sugar cookies, winter berries, and candy cane scents to make your home smell wonderful.

Making Your Own Christmas Table Decorations

It is easy to make your own table decorations if you don't like the ones at the store of if your budget is tight.

Candle holders are the easier to make. All you need is some garland or a small wreath a clear candle holder and a "Christmas candle." In the middle of your table put down the garland and wrap it in a weaved or overlapping circle leaving enough room for the candle holder. If you use the wreath set the candle holder in the middle. You can then pick up pine cones and small ornaments at discount stores for three dollars or less and decorate the gaps.

You can also make your own using your own wine glasses or smaller 8 oz glasses. All you need is a round cork board no bigger than 6 or 7 inches across in diameter. Using craft paints, paint in holiday pictures like cookies, ornaments, reindeer, snow and so on and so forth on the outside of the glass. But when you paint, hold the glass upside down by the step. When the paint has dried tie, red and green bows around the step and place white or colorful tea candles on the base of the cup.

Christmas table decorations can range from something small to something large and extravagant. It mainly depends on your taste and what coincides with your other decor. Table decorations can really make the room or catch the eye if done right. Not to mention it just helps give off the holiday cheer and spirit.

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