Monday, October 29, 2012

8 Unique Holiday Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and there's no better way to express a festive mood than wonderful holiday decorations. With all the colorful and stylish holiday decor sprouting up in the market right now, it would be confusing to choose which among them would fit the theme you have in your mind. Well, we have good news. We have narrowed down the list of decorating ideas for you so you can pick the best among the best ones. This year, make it different and surprise your loved ones everyday with exciting holiday decor.

1. Heavenly Holiday Dining Table

Birch-barked trees positioned in a vertical line would make a simple yet elegant centerpiece. Decorate the chairs with puffy white angel wings. This trick would surely set a heavenly feeling around the dining area.

2. Past Christmas Pictures

Hang past family Christmas pictures using a clothespin into a piece of stick. Suspend the long stick between two vases. You can decorate the pins by putting the dates on it. If you want, you can arrange them chronologically.

3. Styrofoam Christmas Wreath

Make a unique wreath by using yarn. There are only 2 easy procedures to do this. First, wrap Styrofoam - wreath form and Styrofoam balls with different colors of yarn. To add style, you can use to different sizes of Styrofoam balls. The second procedure is to affix the balls in the wreath form using a glue gun. There you go, an instant Christmas Wreath. Make sure to spray it with the decor with a protective finish if you plan to hang it outside the house.

4. Scrabble Tiles

Small as they are but they score big when they are used as holiday decors. Spell out your Christmas message by using these cute tiles. Paint those standard letter holders white to make the letters stand out. On a side note, it could even be used as an instrument to express what you want inside that Christmas present!

5. Fresh Green and White

Want to create that instant wintery look indoors without the chill? Decorate the house with fresh white flowers (carnation, orchids, amaryllis) together with green trees and leaves.

5. Snow and Ice

Another way to create a winter wonderland is to decorate everything in white and blue. You can make your own or buy blue and silver throw pillows. You can also create Christmas stockings from felt paper and fill them with gifts. Wrap the gifts with white or blue too.

6. Everything White

Get that instant Christmas feeling inside your bedroom by going all white. Also, arrange a string of stockings in different sizes and colors at the foot of your bed. Frame your bedroom door with white garlands.

7. Christmas Kitchenware

Convert your kitchenware and deck out your cupboards with a little holiday decorating. Polish the look by putting mini trees inside the teacups and fruits on the plates. Punctuate the shelves with shiny trinkets.

8. White Christmas Couch

Replace or top over existing couch covers into something white. Create a Christmas message through your throw pillows. You can buy customized pillow casings or make a new one.

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